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At Glamour Braids & Weaves of Anchorage, AK, we have heard it all when it comes to dreadlocks! There are many myths surrounding this increasingly popular hairstyle. Here are some things that you should know before you make the decision to start or avoid dreadlocks.

• Dreads Are Not Dirty—Contrary to popular belief, dreads are not dirty. When you maintain your dreads, your hair is as clean as hair that has not been twisted. Clean hair will dread faster; do not believe the rumor that your hair has to be dirty to start the style.

• Skip the Wax—You do not need beeswax, or any other wax, to start dreads. Wax can cause dirt and grime to get stuck in your hair, making it dirty and smelly. We use natural products that are specifically designed for dreadlocks.

• Dandruff is Common—If you have heard that a dry, itchy scalp is common with dreads, you are correct. The problem can easily be remedied by simply taking care of your scalp properly. Olive oil applied to your scalp is the perfect way to keep your skin and hair healthy.

• Dryer is Better—The thicker your dreads, the more likely they are to trap and hold moisture. Keep your dreads as dry as possible. If you will be out in the elements, do not forget your umbrella!

• TLC is Necessary—Dreads require care. If you do not have the time or energy to put into your hair, this style is not for you. Let our expert stylists show you exactly what you need to do to keep your locks looking lovely.

Whether you need to start dreads or just want to learn how to better maintain the ones you have, reach out to Glamour Braids & Weaves in Anchorage, AK! We are here for you today!

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